The Sound Designer Vehicle Unit is a versatile extension of the Sound Designer application. It allows in-vehicle sound synthesis and allows long-term in- vehicle and simulator evaluation.

The Vehicle Unit contains the same sound generation capabilities as the Sound Designer, but once programmed can run independently of a PC. Its four audio outputs can be wired to the vehicle’s head unit or amplifier-speaker system.

Sound Generation

The Sound Designer Vehicle Unit includes the same sound generation and sound manipulation features as the Sound Designer software suite. Sound generation is 100% compatible with the sound generation on the PC. For any target audio system the Sound Designer Vehicle Unit allows to take hardware related boundaries such as memory size and size of sound samples into account. This allows easy and safe transfer of tuned sound signatures to production vehicles.

Sound signatures developed with Sound Designer can directly be transferred to the Vehicle Unit. All parameters can be edited in real-time during driving, speeding up the sound tuning process dramatically. Editing is performed directly with the Sound Designer application – the same used for sound generation on the PC. The tuning data is simply sent to a different device. 

Use Cases

The Vehicle Unit can be employed in the studio/laboratory, in-vehicle, or in a simulator. For studio/laboratory applications the CAN driving data can be generated with Sound Designer and fed to the Vehicle Unit with the Sound Designer CAN Gateway. Or an existing CAN playback tool can be connected to the Vehicle Unit’s CAN input. Standard DBC files can be imported and the relevant signal definitions dumped to and permanently stored in the Vehicle Unit at the touch of a single button in the Sound Designer software.