The Sound Designer’s core library runs on both Windows PCs and embedded hardware units / ECUs such as DSP amplifiers, head units, stand-alone sound ECUs.For sound signatures created with Sound Designer it makes no difference whether they are loaded on a PC or a mass production ECU, the resulting sound and behavior to vehicle data is the same. 

While this dramatically shortens development cycles saving time and cost, Sound Designer’s unified approach also spares NVH departments from juggling different systems, editors, and sound design versions scattered across devices. 


Supported Platforms

Sound Designer supports the most common DSP chips in the automotive industry, e.g.: 

  • ADI Sharc 21489 family
  • ADI Sharc 21569 family
  • Dirana3 / Hifi2 core (fixed point)
  • Texas Instruments TI J6
  • ARM S32K family

Support for new automotive chips is continuously added. 

Supported ECUs

Based on the list of supported chips the Sound Designer library has been integrated with a number of Tier1 devices fully ready to be sourced and deployed. 

New devices are continuously added. 

Contact us with your needs for details. 

Sound Tuner

To tune sound signatures on external hardware devices we offer Tier1s the Sound Tuner tool. It is a stripped down, fully compatible version of Sound Designer. It comes without vehicle data simulation, data import, AVAS pre-check, and the internal sound generation on the PC’s CPU and is ready for tuning sound signatures.