Sound Design In Times of Covid

How can we perform sound design given the notoriously limited prototype access, exacerbated by today’s Covid restrictions?

Time on vehicle prototypes for designing and tuning active sounds has always been somewhat challenging. On top, constraints from Covid have quite an impact on our working lives as working from home became more common out of necessity which put an extra layer of difficulty on prototype access.

The different tools of the Sound Designer suite will strongly support you to stay productive and get even more efficient under these circumstances. The Sound Designer comes with a lean but extremely efficient simulation tool called Drive.Sim. You just need one measurement of your favorite driving conditions, recording interior sound and CAN data synchronously. 

With this data plugged into Drive.Sim you can work on your sound designs as well as the basic tuning to dynamic vehicle parameters with just your PC and a decent pair of headphones or loudspeakers. No need to be in the car, no need to use an expensive vehicle simulator, you can even do that when working from home. 

Using this approach we have successfully tuned vehicles which we have never driven ourselves before. Plugging these sound signatures into the real vehicles later clearly showed the viablilty of this time- and cost-saving simulation approach. 

In case that you have a well-defined target sound you can also use the combined output of vehicle- and ASD-sound and feed it along with CAN into you favorite analysis tool such as SimCenter Testlab, Head acoustics Artemis, B&K or others), then fine-tune until the target has been reached:

Sound Designer. Create the best sound, with ease.