Is Active Sound Design Here to Stay?

neosonic is successfully developing and marketing Active Sound Design technology, ASD for short. What makes us sure that this will be a key future technology?

That is easy to answer. Today, ASD is not expensive anymore. With ongoing integration and its economies of scale we have achieved that any vehicle can be equipped with Active Sound generation, from the entry to luxury level segments. 

The return of investment is huge:

  • due to state of the art algorithms vehicle sounds have become more multi-faceted and emotional; thus they are far more attractive to today’s demanding customers
  • with ASD vehicles’ overall sound quality is improved while expensive heavy damping materials can be spared
  • it is easily feasible to implement brand differentiation across your vehicle portfolio without additional vehicle development costs – same engine, but different sound e.g. in limousine and sport coupe
  • the vehicle sound can be applied and fine-tuned at a much later vehicle development stage, i.e. when hardware changes are not possible any more

Plus, you finally have the possibility to implement a stringent Brand Sound across your entire vehicle fleet, both respecting / sharpening segmentation and the overall brand image.

Your vehicles thus improve in quality while getting cheaper. A useful combination.

Sound Designer. Create the best sound, with ease.